Seniors: how much movement is required?

It is well known that adequate exercise is healthy for body and mind. For seniors and the elderly is that plenty of exercise is important to stay in good health. But when you move enough? What sports are eligible? How much time does this and how intensively to be? Movement Below you will find an answer to these questions.

Why exercise enough?

SeniorsSport and exercise is very healthy for body and mind. It works include stress relieving, and it’s good for your heart. The blood vessels stay healthier, giving you less likely to get heart disease. Also your cholesterol is lowered when you move enough. You maintain a healthy weight even easier, it helps prevent diabetes, it goes against osteoporosis and improves your digestion and bowel movements. It will be appreciated that sufficient movement has only advantages.

What is moderately intense?

But how do you know whether is the kind of movement that you also “moderately intense exercise” under the heading? Examples of moderate-intensity exercise for the elderly include hiking, bicycling and swimming quietly. You can identify the correct intensity to the fact that moderate-intensity exercise, the heart rate is increased somewhat, but you can still run without getting out of breath. Conversation You can therefore sustain this kind of effort is relatively long.

Together move

If you have trouble getting yourself time and again to take to get enough exercise is recommended to work with others to achieve your movement. By speaking to move several people each day you skip a day less. It’s also good for your social contacts! Various sports clubs offer the opportunity to work with other seniors sports. Examples are special seniors hours in the pool or at the athletics. Usually, the websites of the sports easy to figure out if and when they have seniors hours. Optionally, the associations call or consult the municipal guide.

Stir in daily business

Incidentally, it is not a must to achieve your movement. With pure sports During the daily business, you can also incorporate sufficient motion moments. Examples are to even address instead of the elevator, the stairs more often to stand, perform like vacuuming, gardening, and so on. Household chores out of the car. All these activities count as exercise and combine it with the necessary useful!

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