Keep fit during the summer months

or many people, the summer months are a chain of quality time with the family, easy, good food and relax after a busy year. This includes a large group just does not work out with. That belongs to them in the daily ritual that must be done and must be exercised in order to stay fit. But stay fit during the holiday season, even though it is warm and calm you from a busy year, is also important.

Importance of exercise

summerThe importance of staying in shape begins with the realization that exercise is always important for your body. Where movement is more than you turn on your stretch cots in the sun! Move, even during holidays, for example, preventing you with all that extra time, more eating and drinking going on and this remains. But also wants to hold the condition of the person and does not want to start building again. Completely after the holiday Not everyone can be as good shape retention. Finally, a flexible body simply more comfortable and keep moving can contribute.

There are of course many ways to move you, if desired, also be combined to implement this, but this depends on how hard you want to work. The area must be suitable for it, but for some forms of exercise is never a problem.

By moving, which is also a bit of holiday suits, belongs at least walking and swimming. However, what is stopping you to address (if that is your holiday destination, for example) and everything is within distance for which you would normally get now take. Bike car bike A good start and is separate from a piece of cycling in the area to record. Them in your Nothing is so pleasant as to take to discover the area. Bike You see, feel, smell everything.

In the warm summer months also includes swimming, even if you’re not a water rat. Swimming is good at any age. You do not charge your muscles extreme and can be used well into old age. Swimming Moreover swimming when it’s hot, very reassuring. You start cooling the day when you go in the pool. Really early laps Just swim up and down and different strokes alternate. Relax between fine by you to drift off and do (aqua jogging). Possibly some exercises in the water Some exercises in which it is important to keep the balance in water.

The exercises total cost you about 10 minutes:

  • Stand upright in the water and make walking movements with the legs, where you keep the poor under water and only bet if you think you get out of balance. Rest for a few seconds.
  • Also, you bring up now alternately left and then the right leg under water. You keep your arms spread out, so you can easily keep your balance. Again a few seconds rest.
  • Now try from an upright posture in the water to put your feet on the ground and come up with something a stretched body. Let your fall and do it again. After the exercises to keep back a few seconds rest.
  • A tricky for many is to bring your knees up to the chest alternately and the other leg stretched for you to keep. Alternate back and take a rest for a moment.
  • Now hang on the side of the tire and put your arms out to the edge of the tub. Bring all your floating legs alternately left and right of the body. Pull as far as possible and after the workout a few seconds rest.
  • From an upright posture and arms spread just slightly above the water, the hips as far as possible, alternating clockwise and then clockwise.

Walking in the form of walking, running and / or interval training. It just depends on what suits you and look for the time that suits you. But even though you’re not a morning person … if the weather is warm, the morning is often somewhat refreshing. Moreover, the move early in the morning, working all day. Walking is of course where you like to walk. Pull the right shoes, breathable clothing and take, even if you walk early, just in case a bottle of water. It warms up quickly in the summer months.

Running, interval training or combined is just a bit heavier and not for everyone. Although … you can do it of course entirely under their own steam. For those who prefer a little while is running, it can be said that the morning hours are often the most suitable. But interval training can be just as effective. You should be in a relatively short period of time a number of exercises finishing in that case. For the real diehards, there is of course the combination, where running alternated with interval training in the form of short sprints and rest times (up to 10 seconds) in between. Just like walking is also true for running and interval you good cushioning shoes attracts and breathable clothing that gives no friction.

Interval Training
If you want to donate, you only on the interval training workout then there are some exercises you – keep in good condition – running at a solid pace. The advantage is that all the muscle groups to be used here well. It is important that you besides a high rate in each exercise that explains what you have in your home. So you mat you within about 10 minutes up properly, but you will also be ready for that day (if you want). Some exercises:

  • Easy Start to stand up with and then go jump where your arms above your head and bring your hands together and clap let your legs while jumping as much as possible spreads. 1 minute 10 seconds of rest and intense with deep breaths.
  • Imprints, by lying on the abdomen and bring with outstretched arms right under your upper body up. Torso in a straight line Repeat this exercise several times and stop after 1 minute. Stand with deep breaths and calm you about 10 seconds.
  • Make sure you get a seat, big step (wall) or stage near you and get on the increase / step and step off again. Quite managed to keep the pace for 1 minute and then rest 10 seconds and breathe well.
  • Stand up straight and pull your upper legs (knee level with your chest) alternately as high as possible to your upper body. Let your arms this bending of the leg a highlight and pull the leg further towards you. Do this for 1 minute at high speed for 10 seconds, then breathe properly again.
  • Lie down on the floor and raise your legs slightly. Now try with arms straight for you, pull your knees toward your upper body. Up Lie down and come up again. Rest again for 1 minute and then 10 seconds. Breathe also lying well.
  • Stand up straight and put your legs back and forth trying to tap you. Buttock with your foot After a minute intensive alternately to have the legs to put back again 10 seconds rest and take a deep breath while resting again.
  • Exchange posture upright and sit for 1 minute at a rapid pace in the squat and then rest 10 seconds. Breathe well.

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