Quick and Effective Workout

You can be what you want and trainer working hours, but that does not say much about the effectiveness of the training. Axis you want to get started with a sport just to move, fall off, or to have a smooth and vital body is wiser to consult the professional or follow. Exercises according to a program.


Effective WorkoutTo consult a professional is the most convenient if you look what professionals you can access. Using a club or gym nearby A fixed program you can have a sound tape until you take and / or over the internet. Pictures, videos or text. For everyone there is a possibility that is perceived to go to work.

Attached a number of exercises which, should be finished within 15 minutes and provide a good daily workout for a supple body. Just do not forget just a short warm-up of two minutes. For this, the limbs equally important loosen. Grab your entire body hinge joints and the movements naturally warms up a bit. Enough to do these exercises. Exercises you slowly at a higher rate will be doing and the number can therefore perform to you.

Legs and buttocks

Number 1
The legs and buttocks your suit by standing upright. Then put your right leg a big step back and bend your right knee until you are low on the ground with the knee. Bend your left leg so your knee at the height of your ankle, and you will keep your body straight. Arms Akimbo, or if you need more balance, you may also hold sideways. Attitude just hold and then alternate with links.

Number 2
Go to the stairs standing with arms at the sides. You exchange the feet on the bottom rung put off for one minute. If the step is slightly too low, look for something higher, but not higher than your thigh perpendicular to your lower leg when entering. As you do this more, the rate can be increased.


Number 1
Lie on your stomach, legs straight together and the toes on the ground. The moment you come up is that your legs and body in a straight line just above the floor up. Your arms are angled. Then press any further stretching. Through your arms This will give your body a diagonal line up. Repeat the exercise once.

Number 2
If the above exercise does not work, you can lie down with legs together and arms perpendicular to your body on your back. Take in both hands and weighing a kilo each, but if you do not have that may be a handy bottle with a liter of contents. Apply the weighted arms straight and above your chest, just hold and quietly back to original position again in peace. Repeat the exercise to begin two times.


The train your back muscles by standing in an upright posture. Take something heavy in hands and bend the knees and quiet upper body leans slightly forward (chest forward, buttocks). Pull your shoulder blades together and hold this position firmly when you stretch your arms (towards the ground). Pull your arms back completely hardened to the chest and straighten them again. Start with each hand to take a pound and run up to three pounds as you do the exercise longer. Repeat the exercise in the beginning three times.


Keep your hips smoothly by lying down with your legs straight and arms at right angles to the body on the back. Now bring your lower body off the ground and try to hit you. Left with stretched legs Just hold and return to the starting position, and then do the same to the other side. Repeat this at the start three times on both sides.


Some people find regular exercise less fun and playful rather do some exercises. If you can control what resources there are some fun exercises that are also good for your body.

  • Now if you still want to work on your condition, but not the runner thoroughbred’re … every day a few minutes of jumping rope is good for your health and tackles different muscle groups.
  • A hula poo is fine for the hips. You can only make the turning movement, if you want to keep it going. Hula hoop on your hips But actually, to arrange a real hula hoop and make. Rotary motion of the hips Keep you nice supple.
  • The bouncing ball is back in and works fine for the body. Sit on it and put yourself gently for a minute or so off, good for the lower legs. Or make sure that the handle is on the side and bend your body on the back of the bouncing ball.
  • Now roll the ball very gently backwards and forwards. Feels good for the back.
  • Chalk … do laps on stones which are so far apart that you have to make good in the circle to come. Skipped a beat Three rounds is good and jump from left to right. Good for the strength in your legs and do not forget to keep if you jump balance.


Every day a quarter of the exercises keep the body nice and smooth. Start the day with it, you start the day and it takes hardly any time. After series of exercises you take a moment for yourself. Sit down, but can also just in the shower.

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